Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my story ideas blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write stories, books, and articles that create an emotional experience for your readers and help you sell your ideas, products, and services.
                   --Lee Pound


Welcome to Story Writing Ideas

Using stories has always been the best way to create an emotional response in readers that leads to them buying your ideas, your products and your services.

Unfortunately most poeple have no idea just how important it is to use stories correctly. They think that if they tross in something that looks like a story to them, they have done what was necessary.

Not true.

Stories have a specific structure and specific content that needs to be present for them to be effective. Too many time one or more of these elements is missing in most stories.

This blog will focus on how you create stories in the correct way and how you use them to maximum effect. It will also discuss how you come up with story writing  ideas, no matter whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction.

I’ll also talk about how you make stories come alive and how you make them relevant to your readers.

Everyone tells you to use stories. Few people tell you how. This blog will be your resource for how to use stories so that they work for you.

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