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                   --Lee Pound


Day 92 Story - What Happens When Silence Strikes?

This post represents the completion of three months of stories on the 365 Stories in a Year blog. It’s a simple story, just a few words about silence and it’s causes.

This is another example of the problem people have with coming up with ideas for stories. Too many writers want the story to emerge fully formed before they start writing it. The truth is that most stories form during the writing process.

This story started with a single word – communication. As it turned out I changed the title of the post after I wrote it although it is still about communication. However, the story evolved as I wrote it. I recommend outlining non-fiction books and I know of one author who outlined a complete novel before writing it. I find that I cannot outline fiction because I create it during the writing process, not before.

So for those who wonder where story ideas come from, they come from anywhere, they come from random words, thoughts and actions, a vision, anywhere that thoughts come from. Ideas are all around us, ready to pick and enjoy at any time.

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