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Day 8 Story - A Seriously Odd Story

I have no idea where today’s story came from unless it is related to the imminent arrival of a certain reality television show (365 Stories in a Year blog).  In fact I didn’t expect to be very creative tonight after spending all day at my business partner Arvee Robinson’s Persuasive Speaking Mastery event in Ontario, California.

Anyway, this thought about stars came to my and I followed it where it went, an odd direction, somewhat science fiction, no character named, just a person speculating about an odd object from the past.

Given a lot of my thoughts, it appears to be a story about appearances and reality and how many times we might guess the right answer for the wrong reasons and how distorted our answer might become.

This gives you an idea how you can create a story that is metaphoric but also has a basis in a kind of alternate reality. It’s also a good example of how a very odd story can hold a very powerful message.

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