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Day 7 Story - A Mistake Leads to Great Novel Material

I was thinking about how some people think we don’t have to research our novels so I decided to write the story (365 Stories in a Year blog) of one of my more dramatic bits of research.

I’d gone to Namibia in Southern Africa in September 1990 to visit the places I’d written about in my novel, A Gathering of Strangers. The Kokerboom forest was not in the book and still isn’t but the farmhouse at the Kokerboom Forest became the home of my main characters in the novel.

After I wrote the first draft of the novel, even though it was well researched I still sensed something missing. I didn’t have a feel for the country, its people or its character. The little details were missing. That’s why I went to Namibia. I visited every place I wrote about in the novel, met people, listened to stories, drove the roads, and when I got back home I rewrote the novel. This research made a huge difference.

By the way, I had to go through Germany to get to Namibia. When I flew out to Namibia, Germany was two countries, East and West Germany. When I flew back from Namibia, it was one country.

So yes, researching your novel is important, even if you have to travel long distances to do it.

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