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                   --Lee Pound


Day 55 - When the Music Stops

As a seminar producer, I’ve experienced the last moments of an event many times. It is always a nostalgic time, looking back at what happened, the people we met, the ones we didn’t, and the learning that took place.

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is a look at the end of one such event, inspired by BlogWorld in Las Vegas last weekend but also inspired by all the events I’ve been to that eventually faded away in the past.

We can only live in the moment and cannot recapture the past. No matter how much we might want an event to continue on and on, we must at some point take what we learned back to the real world and make use of it in the best way we can.

This is my salute to BlogWorld, Speak Your Way to Wealth, and to all the other events that teach and inspire attendees to better at what they do.

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