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Welcome to my story ideas blog. Here you will find tips that will help you write stories, books, and articles that create an emotional experience for your readers and help you sell your ideas, products, and services.
                   --Lee Pound


Day 54 Story - Finding Easy Story Ideas

I have to admit I didn’t feel much like writing a story today. I drove almost 300 miles this morning coming home from Las Vegas after the BlogWorld conference and had a client meeting and lots of catching up to do.

In this situation, of course, I’m going to write a story, somehow. Some of the best ideas come from interesting experiences like travel so I thought back to my trip to Alaska when I was young. One of the strongest memories of that trip was the mosquitoes and with that a story was born (365 Stories in aYear blog). I’m not saying it’s one of my best but it will give you a new perspective on what it is like to travel to Alaska in July.

The point here is that no matter how little time you have, you can come up with a story by using a familiar idea that you know well and don’t have to think about too much.

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