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Day 5 Story - A Personal Story that Inspires

Read this story of my dad and his first job during the Great Depression at my 365 Stories in a Year blog.

The personal story that inspires is one of the most important that you can write. Although I have not written it down before, I’ve used this story several times in speeches where it was appropriate and have always gotten a great reaction.

The key here is to take an incident from your life, a relative’s live or some other person’s life, make it into a story that follows story structure guidelines, including a call to action at the end, and use it in your sales materials or speeches at a point where you want to create an emotional reaction in your audience.

This story could stand alone as well but works much better as part of a larger piece.

If you compare this story, which is true and which I heard told many times by my father, with the completely fictional pieces of the past few days, you might find a few differences. There is a more overt call to action and I’ve told it from my point of view as I heard it from my father and put myself into the story briefly as the teller.

In the fictional pieces there is no overt teller of the story, just an anonymous omniscient viewpoint.

I decided to include this one because I like the story and because I find it inspirational given our current economic situation. I do plan to include a number of other personal and family stories in this series so keep an eye out for them. It was also easy to write because I knew the story and didn’t have to create it from scratch.

After reading the story, look back at your family and your own life to see if you can find great personal stories that inspire that you can use in your talks and marketing materials.

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