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Day 49 Story - The Loss of Innocence

Most people have repressed some of the scarier moments of childhood and early adulthood. These repressed memories can have a very damaging effect on their lives. In virtually all cases, facing these repressed memories can help people get their lives moving again.

Others, when they come face to face with their past, flee back to the boring present and continue to do what hasn’t worked for them in the past. This story (365 Stories in a Day blog) is about one of those unhappy people. In this story, I decided to look at what happens when all doesn’t go right and if that is necessarily a bad thing.

The idea came from the thought that most of us are nostalgic for something. The twist came from the possibility that the nostalgia we feel could either be misplaced or dead wrong.

Let me know what you think of the way the twist works.

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