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                   --Lee Pound


Day 36 Story - We Can All Make a Difference

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) started out with a picture of an old lady seated on the porch of her home with nothing to do and no prospect of anything to do in the future. Her routine is deadly but no more deadly than the routine faced by millions of people today.

In the end, it became a challenge to shake up whatever little part of the world you have influence over. Change is never easy and being the gadfly, as Vanessa decided to become, can cause hard feelings. It can also cause incredible elation and can change lives.

The idea for this story was simple: We can all make a difference. At times such ideas can take us to places where we are uncomfortable and to stories that may upset people. This is the writer’s job, to challenge, to point out the foibles, and to shake up complacency.

Let’s all get to work.

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