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Day 34 Story - Taking a Leap of Faith

Today’s story (365 Stories in a Year blog) has a simple moral. If you keep doing what isn’t working, you’ll keep getting the same result, nothing.

I got the idea from the long football pass called the “Hail Mary” where the quarterback throws and prays that the end catches it. The story says that basically at times we need to throw a “Hail Mary” to get our marketing started, to make a new connection, or to set up a new business venture.

Virtually every success story has a unique angle to it. Almost nobody who is a huge success copied anybody step for step. At some time every successful person took an unanticipated step or called on someone who responded in a big way. This was true of the Speak Your Way to Wealth seminar business.

The point of the story is that every person’s success story is unique and that the best way to be a success in your market is, yes, follow the basic steps necessary, but also take a few leaps of faith.

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