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Day 26 Story - A Lesson From History

Today’s story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is the first historical I’ve done in this series. It’s set shortly after the Civil War and concerns an ex soldier running away from his past.

A couple of points: There is no Buffalo, Nebraska. When I started the story, I patterned the location after a place, Brewster, Blaine Co., Nebraska, where a distant relative lived in the late 1800’s. Turned out it wouldn’t work anyway because Brewster was settled too late. The story is fiction and Buffalo is fiction so let’s go with it anyway.

Then I looked an old model of two cows and a covered wagon that I inherited from my parents and the words Buffalo Bill came to mind. That’s already been done so I chose Buffalo Bob and ran with it.

All this happened in a few minutes and I was off and running.

By the way, if you write about a historical or actual place, you can use Google Earth or Mapquest to look at the actual location from above, get the lay of the land, roads, buildings, etc. That’s how I found out there wasn’t a Buffalo, Nebraska. So fictional Buffalo is based on real Brewster, Nebraska (27 people live there, by the way).

This same lesson could have come from a modern war but my mind suggested the Civil War and I ran with it. The story is just as good but we have fun with dirt roads and stage coaches in the historical piece.

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