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                   --Lee Pound


Day 25 Story - Never Listen to Critics

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is a milestone, the 25th in this series. It is also a story about being true to your passions and what that might mean in your life. Billy happens to be 10 but this could have happened at any stage of life.

When I started it, I just knew I wanted to write a story with a strong lesson and then the words “Billy’s Roses” entered my head and I wrote them down. The story followed. One of my passions is to encourage people to take their ideas and run with them, no matter whether they encounter opposition or not, just like Billy did. Just to be clear, listen to teachers and people who can help you meet your goals, not to those who say you will never mount to anything. The former are constructive and latter are destructive.

This story ended up much longer than I expected but that is one of the joys of writing, being surprised and enlightened by your own words.

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