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Day 18 Story - A Legendary Story with a Lesson

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) took a bit longer to write because it’s true nature didn’t show up until well after I started writing it.

Watch for the foreshadowing throughout the story, for the rationalizations of the main character and for the thoughts on opposing beliefs that this story provides.

The photographer started as a simple image of a man with a camera and tripod getting ready to shoot a photograph. It could have been any photographer anywhere in the world. The realization that this is a special photographer, a special photograph and a special place show up slowly as the story builds.

We then get the awful reality of the photographer’s true task that morning.

This is not necessarily an easy story to read and it wasn’t an easy one to write. However, sometimes we have to face two possible truths that cannot be reconciled. This is one path to solving that dilemma.

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