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Day 110 Story - The True Source of Stories

I realized as I started this post that I haven’t said much about where the ideas for my stories come from. There are now 110 of them so there must be a pretty good source of ideas. I also realized when I was talking a man a few days ago about story writing that most people have no idea where stories come from.

One reason I haven’t said much about ideas is that there wasn’t much to say. Most of my ideas just come up on command and I write the story. Today’s story (365 Stories in a Year blog) was like that. I needed to write a story and was thinking about what true story I could do tonight when the idea of a wet highway popped up followed by the memory of the almost car accident it caused.

This reinforced the truth that story ideas are everywhere and that our minds are full of them if we just allow them to come out. Anyone old enough to write has lived enough to have hundreds of true stories just waiting to be told. Beyond personal incidents are things we care about a lot and beyond them are fictional tales we’ve always wanted to tell.

These ideas float around in our minds every moment we are conscious. We simply don’t recognize them as story possibilities. If you want to write stories and have no idea what to write about just listen for a while and pick one of the ideas that emerges.

I assure you there will be many. Happy writing!

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