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Day 1 Story - Overcoming Blocks and Lack of Inspiration

On this blog, I’ll give you some insight into the stories I’m writing on the 365 Stories in a Year blog. If you haven’t read today’s story, just click this link and read it. This post will make far more sense to you.

Just to recap, I’m writing and posting one story a day for the next year on the 365 Stories blog. Here I’ll show you what’s behind the story for that day and how you can learn from this.

I got up this morning not knowing what the first story would be. In this situation, many writers wait for inspiration and many wait a very long time. In some cases they stare at the screen and then proclaim themselves blocked.

In my case, I stared at the screen and wrote, not in a separate screen but in the blog post screen itself, just as I’m doing now, the first phrase that came to mind: “I’m staring at the blank computer screen.” Then I picked a name and had the start of a story.

My default for blank computer screens is the newspaper business (I was an editor) so I set the story there and proceeded. Remembering story structure, I gave my character a problem and watched as he sought a solution. It’s a short story so there was only one step in the problem-solution process. The character then came back, implemented the solution and saved his job.

This story works on several levels:

  • First, it illustrates story structure in use in a very short story.
  • Second, it shows how to use indirect dialogue.
  • Third, it includes a call to action issued by one of the characters.
  • Fourth, it has a satisfying conclusion (not unpredictable but satisfying).
  • Fifth, it illustrates how you overcome writer’s block and lack of inspiration.
  • Sixth, it shows just how I created a story from nothing.

You may think of others. My goal here is to write a story every day so I don’t have the luxury of being blocked. You as writers also do not have that luxury. If you acknowledge blocks and lack of inspiration as reasons not to write, go back and read this post again. You’ll discover that the only thing keeping you from writing is your own mind.

See you tomorrow when we talk about tomorrow’s story. By the way, I have no clue as to what that one will be.

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