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Day 110 Story - The True Source of Stories

I realized as I started this post that I haven’t said much about where the ideas for my stories come from. There are now 110 of them so there must be a pretty good source of ideas. I also realized when I was talking a man a few days ago about story writing that most people have no idea where stories come from.

One reason I haven’t said much about ideas is that there wasn’t much to say. Most of my ideas just come up on command and I write the story. Today’s story (365 Stories in a Year blog) was like that. I needed to write a story and was thinking about what true story I could do tonight when the idea of a wet highway popped up followed by the memory of the almost car accident it caused.

This reinforced the truth that story ideas are everywhere and that our minds are full of them if we just allow them to come out. Anyone old enough to write has lived enough to have hundreds of true stories just waiting to be told. Beyond personal incidents are things we care about a lot and beyond them are fictional tales we’ve always wanted to tell.

These ideas float around in our minds every moment we are conscious. We simply don’t recognize them as story possibilities. If you want to write stories and have no idea what to write about just listen for a while and pick one of the ideas that emerges.

I assure you there will be many. Happy writing!

Day 109 Story - Forming a Writer's Group

Over the years I’ve been a member of three writer’s groups, all of which formed as a result of a class I was taking or an initiative by an organization I belonged to. Most writer’s groups form in this manner, making it difficult for the average writer to find such a group to join.

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) shows how my three groups formed and what their results were. I caution beginning or intermediate writers that these groups can be very helpful but can also be very discouraging for inexperienced writers. Choose a group carefully before you join.

Day 108 Story - Getting a Royal Trashing

From time to time something I do or write gets royally trashed. This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about one of the biggest of these trashings and the effect it had on my literary future.

It didn’t help that the person doing the trashing in this case was my most respected mentor, Sol Stein. It’s not often that anyone gets to work with a mentor of that caliber and to not meet expectations can be devastating.

In this story you will see how I recovered from that critique and how I changed everything to take my writing to an even higher level.

It’s also a cautionary tale about listening to criticism and taking the valid comments as words of wisdom, not attacks.

Day 107 Story - My Job as a Photographer

My first job was as a photographer for my school newspaper in high school. This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about how I got that job and the lesson in it for you.

Many times people take jobs they are not suited for. In some ways this photography job was like that. My dad was a photographer, which is why I was offered the position, but in truth I was never that interested in taking pictures.

However, the decisi0n to take that job made many of my future career moves possible. Read the story and find out what they were.

Day 106 Story - Rumors

In so many ways our society is driven by rumors. People make up stories about others. People make assumptions about others that aren’t true and people believe rumors more than the truth.

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) shows just how rumors spread and enter the world of perceived truth even when they have no basis in fact behind them.

The next time you start to repeat a rumor, think twice about whether it is true or whether it might harm the individual you are talking about.

Day 105 Story - A Russian Newspaper Fails to Adapt

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about my experience consulting with a Russian newspaper in Rostov-on-Don near the Black Sea. This newspaper was stuck in the old Communist era and could not adapt to the new capitalist era in Russia.

It was too bad because so many new publications were adapting. To listen to people who lived most of their lives dependent on the government suddenly find they have to make their own way was sad but instructive. We all have change in our lives. Our job is to adapt to it as quickly as possible not try to live in a past that may no longer exist.

Day 104 Story - Serendipity

Many times our successes are determined by serendipity rather than by any overt actions we take. This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about how I was part of a group that published a book a few years ago.

See if you can think of similar combinations of events or groups that led to a project or success that you had neither planned for or expected.

Day 103 Story - Cats and Cooperation

While taking a few minutes to play with our three cats this evening, I noticed an unusual behavior that resulted in this story (365 Stories in a Year blog) and in the lesson it has for all of us.

Just go ahead and read it. It’s short but packs some punch.

Day 102 Story - The Secret to Making an Emotionally Powerful Movie

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is more the story of a story rather than a story itself. It shows how a very emotionally powerful movie, Secretariat, drew on certain facts from the history of a very successful Virginia horse breeding farm in a very selective way.

In fact, this is how most movies made about true stories create their emotional power. If you put in all the facts, it dilutes the strength of the story. Real life is just not as dramatic as the movies would have us believe.

The best storytellers know this. When they includes stories in marketing copy for instance, they use very carefully chosen pieces of the story and leave out anything not needed to make their point or to create the emotional experience they want to create.

This story shows you exactly how this was done.

Day 100 Story - How Consistency Works

This is post #100 on this blog in 100 days and the story that accompanies it is also post #100 on the 365 Stories in a Year blog. It happened because in late August I decided to blog consistently every day for the next year. Originally I wasn’t planning to do this blog every day but, yes, I intended to post on the story blog every day, and so far I have done just that.

Part of what I want to prove is that story writing ideas are everywhere and that you can write them often and without difficulty. Check back often to see how I’m doing.