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Day 17 Story - Commuter Hell

This story may have come from the commute I still do once a week. My business partner Arvee Robinson and I worked all day on our new product and I didn’t get to the story (365 Stories in a Year blog) until tonight.

I’ll keep this short because my wife is ready to go out tonight and both of us need a break after a long day.

Just a note, with such a busy day, starting at 7:30 a.m. and going until 7 p.m., I still found time to write.


Day 16 Story - Writing Stories is so Much Fun

I’m having way too much fun writing this series of stories. We’re just on number 16 of 365 and already lots of odd material is showing up. This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) came way out of left field. Comedians have a rough life on stage but most of them love it. Here’s a fictional look at one such unknown who aspires to a better life but may never get it.

This is the first funny story of the series (at least it might be funny in places) so enjoy it. It’s a great example of what can happen when you just let go and let whatever’s in your head emerge.

I won’t say it’s good, I won’t say it’s so-so. It might even be pretty bad. Whatever it is I had a lot of fun writing it and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Day 15 Story - Why Taking Action is so Important

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) makes it so clear that action is the basis of success that everyone needs to read it.

It’s about flying halfway across the world on a whim and succeeding at a task I’d been working on for years. The chance of success was near non-existent, yet success came anyway.

This one is about my hobby, genealogy, but at the same time it is about life. We tend to get so comfortable in our lives and businesses that we stop taking risks. Yet risk is where success lies.

This story was not planned. I didn’t know what I would write when I started the day. What emerged is a lesson that is very close to my heart and one that I teach every day as I work with book writing clients.

This is a lesson for all of us. The day will bring what we allow it to bring, not necessarily what we will it to bring.

Day 14 Story - Striving to be the Very Best

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about the pitfalls of just going with the flow, of just existing, even if your job is secure and your business is growing.

Again, the idea came from simply opening my mind and writing down the first phrase, High Pressure, that came to mind. It’s a powerful story about how changing a few mindset practices can make a huge difference in performance.

This is more of a narrative story but still has emotional impact. It is the type of story that’s a bit long for a speech but could be used to good effect in a book.

As in all stories, we have a major character whose equilibrium is upset (job loss) who attempts to make it right, fails and tries a new tactic that succeeds. It has a climax and a lesson that all of us can learn from.

By the way, I wrote the story and this post quickly because I have a deadline this afternoon. I’m doing a teleseminar at 4 p.m. so all of this had to be done. It’s now 3:25 p.m. and yes, it is done.

Day 13 Story - A Surprisingly Important Lesson

I have to admit this story surprised me. (365 Stories in a Year blog) I’d been working all day, doing email, etc. and had no idea what I would write about. I wrote a simple title, The Last Moment, and started typing.

The lesson this story presents is an important one about keeping your word at all times, whether you think it is important or not. There may come one moment when it means everything.

The story is deliberately vague in places. There are no specific locations, no surnames for the characters, and we don’t even know what kind of company the main character works for. This is because those items are not important. I want all of you who have ever had the main character’s problem to recognize yourself in this story and supply your own details.

This story has a difficult lesson that we all need to learn. I’m glad it picked today to emerge.

Day 12 Story - Fiction Writers - Listen to Bad News

This story is about my first devastating critique and what I did about it. (365 Stories in a Year blog). Like most of these stories, I decided to write about my experience as I sat down at the computer this morning. It’s a powerful reminder that we do not write in a vacuum and that as writers there is always more to learn.

This was the moment that set off my career as a writing coach. It didn’t happen all at once but over a period of years I honed my skills and wrote and edited more and more. Now I have edited, written or published close to 15 books as well as numerous blog posts and social media posts.

The news here is that if someone shows you improvements you need to make in your writing, don’t dismiss the comments. Look at them; look at why that person made them. You’ll discover techniques you never knew about creating copy that engages and enthralls.

This story is short and has a strong lesson at the end. I use it in many of my speeches to establish my credibility as a writer and to show the rocky road I took to get where I am today.

Day 11 Story - A Sad but Inspiring Story

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) was totally unexpected. It is the longest in this series so far. However, when I sat down to write it, I didn’t want to spend too much time on it. The idea grew as I wrote and in fact I had no idea what the ending would be until I wrote it.

This is a first person story that is pure fiction. I never heard of something like this happening and I’ve never been to that location in New York City. Yet there it is, a tale about noticing others and now important that can be.

You’ll see a lot of fictional techniques used in the story. The end is an embedded lesson about caring for others. However, I am sure some people will take another lesson from it, whatever that lesson might be. I’m fine with that.

This story will evoke a powerful emotional reaction. It will keep you reading. It will hopefully confuse and enlighten at the same time.


Day 10 Story – Legends and Facts

This is an absolutely true story. (365 Stories in a Year blog). In fact my wife and I tell it often and always meet stares of disbelief and comments of “How romantic.”
This is the kind of story that can add color to a speech or written material. It may not have a real lesson but it does create an emotional moment that will make your reader smile, maybe even shed a tiny tear. This makes you a real person and enhances your emotional connection to the reader.

For me this story was very emotional because it was tied up with the other most emotional segment of my life, the four years I spent learning writing skills with Sol Stein, former owner of Stein & Day Publishers, one of the top five New York publishers of the 20th century.

The sequence is this:

  • I started to write novels.
  • I joined a writing seminar at UCI and got on the mailing list.
  • A catalog with the class Sol Stein taught in 1990 came in the mail
    I signed up and took the class
  • At the end Sol offered us a chance to be in his small winter seminar he planned to teach.
  • I applied and got in.
  • We met for four years in Sol’s living room. The groom in this story, Jack Charron, was one of the original group. After Sol’s class stopped, we met at Jack’s house.
  • Jack set a wedding date and invited the current members of the group.
  • His bride was a friend of Sheri’s and invited her to the wedding.
  • We met at the wedding as in the story.

Every sequence of events is important to our lives. We never know where they will lead. It is up to us to follow them to the end, enjoying what happens, accepting the good and less than good, and growing through it all.

Day 9 Story - Saying Yes

At Arvee Robinson’s Persuasive Speaking Mastery yesterday, Loral Langemeier gave a presentation on becoming a millionaire. One of her key points was that when you are asked to do something, always say yes and figure out how to do it later.

This brought to mind the story of my first public speech, which I’ve shared on the 365 Stories in a Year blog today.

This is an ideal kind of story to use as a personal story in a speech or in a book. It illustrates a powerful point about how valuable it is to use public speaking as a marketing tool and how professionals need to do it in order to stand out.

See if you have a story like this that you can use in your marketing.

Again it didn’t take that long to think up the story and write it. Once I knew the subject, I already had the content because I’d lived it.

You can do exactly the same thing.

Day 8 Story - A Seriously Odd Story

I have no idea where today’s story came from unless it is related to the imminent arrival of a certain reality television show (365 Stories in a Year blog).  In fact I didn’t expect to be very creative tonight after spending all day at my business partner Arvee Robinson’s Persuasive Speaking Mastery event in Ontario, California.

Anyway, this thought about stars came to my and I followed it where it went, an odd direction, somewhat science fiction, no character named, just a person speculating about an odd object from the past.

Given a lot of my thoughts, it appears to be a story about appearances and reality and how many times we might guess the right answer for the wrong reasons and how distorted our answer might become.

This gives you an idea how you can create a story that is metaphoric but also has a basis in a kind of alternate reality. It’s also a good example of how a very odd story can hold a very powerful message.