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Day 27 Story - Getting Fired Isn't That Bad

Sometimes getting fired is a wakeup call to get out there and do what you really care about. This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about the time that it happened to me.

This was one of those major turning points that seemed so small at the time. In essence by putting myself in the position of getting fired from a job I didn’t want I opened up the chance to get the job I really did want.

Seemed like a good lesson for today so that’s about the only reason I can think of for why I wrote it. This is also a good lesson. At times we do things because they feel right and for no other reason.

New story coming tomorrow.

Day 26 Story - A Lesson From History

Today’s story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is the first historical I’ve done in this series. It’s set shortly after the Civil War and concerns an ex soldier running away from his past.

A couple of points: There is no Buffalo, Nebraska. When I started the story, I patterned the location after a place, Brewster, Blaine Co., Nebraska, where a distant relative lived in the late 1800’s. Turned out it wouldn’t work anyway because Brewster was settled too late. The story is fiction and Buffalo is fiction so let’s go with it anyway.

Then I looked an old model of two cows and a covered wagon that I inherited from my parents and the words Buffalo Bill came to mind. That’s already been done so I chose Buffalo Bob and ran with it.

All this happened in a few minutes and I was off and running.

By the way, if you write about a historical or actual place, you can use Google Earth or Mapquest to look at the actual location from above, get the lay of the land, roads, buildings, etc. That’s how I found out there wasn’t a Buffalo, Nebraska. So fictional Buffalo is based on real Brewster, Nebraska (27 people live there, by the way).

This same lesson could have come from a modern war but my mind suggested the Civil War and I ran with it. The story is just as good but we have fun with dirt roads and stage coaches in the historical piece.

Day 25 Story - Never Listen to Critics

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is a milestone, the 25th in this series. It is also a story about being true to your passions and what that might mean in your life. Billy happens to be 10 but this could have happened at any stage of life.

When I started it, I just knew I wanted to write a story with a strong lesson and then the words “Billy’s Roses” entered my head and I wrote them down. The story followed. One of my passions is to encourage people to take their ideas and run with them, no matter whether they encounter opposition or not, just like Billy did. Just to be clear, listen to teachers and people who can help you meet your goals, not to those who say you will never mount to anything. The former are constructive and latter are destructive.

This story ended up much longer than I expected but that is one of the joys of writing, being surprised and enlightened by your own words.

Day 24 Story - A Cute Story about a Homeless Puppy

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is 100 percent true. In fact, the subject of the story, our dog Manchitas, is sleeping on the floor a feet away as I write this.

This is one of the many true stories to come out of our travels to Mexico and other parts of the world. This one emphasizes the lesson that sometimes we need to act quickly to take advantage of an opportunity, in this case getting a dog, although not in the way we expected.

This was one of those days that in the normal course of the day I would not have written a story. However, given my commitment to write one each day, I went ahead and wrote it. I have something to accomplish and plan to make it happen.

Watch for another story tomorrow.

Day 23 Story - Always Being Prepared

Just a quick post this morning. I’m off to Beverly Hills for a meeting.

This is a story (365 Stories in a Year blog) from my Russian trip ten years ago and shows you the value of being prepared for anything you might face, not just in travel but in anything you do.

This one had to be done this morning so I did it. This is the best way to get past blocks. Just sit down and write. The words will come.

Till tomorrow.

Day 22 - When Yes Changes Everything

I’m going to the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association meeting tonight, which reminded me of this story (365 Stories in a Year blog) of how I published my first book. The key is that I heard about an opportunity and grabbed it the minute it appeared.

Too many of us sit around and think before acting. Time and time again, I have had opportunities that arose and required a quick decision. When I said yes to them it always made an incredible difference to my future.

This story was easy to write because I already knew it. All I had to do was record it.

The more I do this series of stories, the more it becomes clear that writing is about allowing the ideas to come forth, not about forcing them to arise or using weird tactics to get your creativity going.

It comes down to taking action, to putting your fingers on the keyboard or picking up the pen, and writing. I can’t emphasize how much all the other tactics in the world will fail if at some point you don’t perform this simple action. Most every other tactic is aimed at tricking you into acting.

So far I’ve written 22 straight stories on 22 straight days. Many of those days I could have said, “No, I won’t write today.” I didn’t because I have made a commitment to myself to write every day. That’s what I do.

Writers: the next time someone asks you what you do, don’t say, “I am a writer.” Say, “I write.” There is a huge difference. Anyone can call themselves a writer. Not everyone will act on that and write.

Day 21 - A Story About Passion

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) about Harry and his boring life has a lesson for all of us. Many times, in the rush to succeed and make money, we forget what means the most to us.

This story simply happened. The title, A Tiny Fraction, came first. To write it I had to decide what tiny fraction would make a good story and as it turns out, trading one tiny fraction for another made this story. I’ve seen so many people who simply exist that this seemed like a very important lesson for all of us.

In the end, it became a story about attitude, not circumstances. No matter how bad our lives may seem, we still control how we react to our situation. Happiness comes not from money but from attitude. If your life needs to be pepped up, listen to Harry and step through that barrier from gloom to exhilaration. It’s a very short distance.

Day 20 Story - Following Your Passions

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) is about my first big choice and how I came down on the side of following your passion in your career and your life.

I still push this whenever I can. If you’re writing a book or article, write about something you care about. If you are doing a job, do the one that you care the most about.

Too many people attempt careers and hobbies they don’t really care about because someone else tells them to do it. Those who discover a task that fascinates them, from dabbling in the arts to running businesses, usually succeed beyond their wildest dreams, then watch their friends who settled for less live a dull, boring life of tedium.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m passionate about this. Take your best shot at what you want to do the most. Never hesitate, never give up, and you’ll be amazed at what happens.

Day 19 Story - A Russian Adventure

This is one of my true stories (365 Stories in a Year blog). Ten years ago my wife and I went to Russia on a volunteer business consulting assignment and stayed at the Rossiya Hotel, the largest in the world until a Las Vegas Casino Hotel overtook it.

This has no real lesson, it’s just a fun story about how communication works and how it sometimes doesn’t work.

I have dozens of great stories from this trip that I will share in future posts. For now, enjoy this one.

By the way, this one was easy to write once I decided to do it. No heavy thinking, just good writing.

Day 18 Story - A Legendary Story with a Lesson

This story (365 Stories in a Year blog) took a bit longer to write because it’s true nature didn’t show up until well after I started writing it.

Watch for the foreshadowing throughout the story, for the rationalizations of the main character and for the thoughts on opposing beliefs that this story provides.

The photographer started as a simple image of a man with a camera and tripod getting ready to shoot a photograph. It could have been any photographer anywhere in the world. The realization that this is a special photographer, a special photograph and a special place show up slowly as the story builds.

We then get the awful reality of the photographer’s true task that morning.

This is not necessarily an easy story to read and it wasn’t an easy one to write. However, sometimes we have to face two possible truths that cannot be reconciled. This is one path to solving that dilemma.